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Adjustable Top Shelf, Galvanized Steel

These top shelves from BenchPro are adjustable on 1" increments without the use of tools.

Galvanized Steel Shelf w/Square Front Edge

This top shelf for BenchPro workbenches is made from 16-gauge galvanized steel with square edges. Includes (2) brackets.
  • Heavy 16-gauge (.062") Steel
  • Heavy Steel Reinforced
  • Adjusts in 1" Increments
  • 100# Weight Capacity

What is Galvanized Steel

Galvanized steel won't rust. It’s made by passing steel through a bath of molten zinc which coats and protects both sides from rust. Bent down edges are formed without welding or polishing, as welding makes poisonous gasses and polishing would expose raw steel. However, since the cut edges are raw, they can rust.
  • Combines the Strength of Steel with the Rust Resistance of Galvanized
  • Galvanized™ Offers Good Paintability, Weldability, Corrosion Resistance, and Formability

Note: Uprights are required and sold separately.

The wider the shelf, the weaker the shelf - even with our strong tubular under-structure. To counter this, we recommend eight and ten foot shelves be supported with an additional upright in the center. Contact us for information or quote.

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