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Large (10-24") Static Shielding Bags

Static shielding film (bag) is heat sealable, electro-static protective, and is a flexible, multi-layer laminated material for packaging ESD sensitive devices. Serving Semiconductors, Data Storage and Electronics industries. Manufacturing facility is ISO 9001: 2000 and ISO 14001 EMS Certified. Heat seal conditions range from 250-375F, 0.5-3.5 sec, 30-70 PSI



Electrical Properties Test Methods Typical Value
Surface Resistivity- Inner and Outer Surfaces ESD-STM-11.11 @ 12% R.H.  <1012 ohm/sq.
Surface Resistivity- Buried Metal Layer Monroe Buried Layer Tester  <100 ohm/sq.
Static Decay (12% RH, 5000 to 0 Volts) FTMS 101 Mtd 4046  <0.05 sec
Static Shielding- Energy Penetration  ESD-STM-11.31 @ 12% R.H.  <30nJ
Static Shielding- Capacitive Probe  EIA 541  <25V

Charge Generation-normal



 Modified Inclined Plane Average nC/


< +0.10

< -0.09



Physical Properties Test Method Typical Value
Total Thickness ASTM D-374 3.0 mils +/- 10%
Tensile Strength ASTM D-882-92, Method A MD 5,000 psi (Avg)
TD 5,500 psi (Avg)
Tear Strength ASTM D-1004-94 Notched

MD 2.0 lbs (Avg)

TD 2.8 lbs (Avg)

Elongation ASTM D-882-91, Method A

MD 80% (Avg)

TD 85% (Avg)

Burst Strength FTMS 101C, Method 2007 1a 50 psi (Avg)
Puncture Strength FTMS 101C, Method 2065.1 = 12 lbs
Heat Seal Strength ASTM D-882-91 = 10 lbs/in. width
MVTE (100 in2/24 hours) ASTM F-1249-90 < 0.25 gm (normal)
Light Transmission ASTM D1003-00

40% +/-5%


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