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Sterile Stainless Steel Cleaner Packs

This is a 12" x 12" saturated flat wipe.

The wiper is saturated with DAS Stainless Steel cleaner and lubricant that is filtered at 0.2 microns. The wiper is designed to replace silicon on turntables, process lines and as a general lubricant to assure bottles do not stick during movement towards the critical fill site. It is an excellent choice for cleaning metals including stainless steel in cleanroom operations due to its excellent cleaning capabilities and low remaining residual that can be removed with an IPA wipe down. The entire package is terminally sterilized and each order is delivered with the lot specific Certification of Irradiation. The material used in the product is a polyester blend that is inherently low in particulate and shedding features providing an excellent product for use in pharmaceutical and biotechnology operations.

This stainless steel cleaner with lubricant is sterile and made of a polyester blend, and individually packaged.

It comes 100 individual packs per case.

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