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Tape - Copper
[Siga Copper]

Siga Copper tape is a roll of an adhesive backed strip of copper.


This tape is used in three different applications:

When installing ESD conductive ESD conductive vinyl with water based acrylic adhesive ESD-106, Siga Copper tape is applied to clean sub-floors adhesive side down 1' from the walls on the entire perimeter of the installation and every 30 ft. approx. across the seams. Tails of copper tape are provided in a number of locations for connection to ground by electricians. Water based acrylic conductive ESD-106 adhesive is then troweled at the recommended spread rate above the copper tape and ESD flooring is applied.

Siga Copper tape is used to ground full surface Sigaway® Electronic rolls and to seam bridge double cut Sigaway® Electronic rolls.

Siga copper tape is used to ground Siga Circuit strips.

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